Useful Steps to Planning Your Wedding


A wedding is one of those events that needs to done right since it only occurs once. It is extremely special and holds a lot of significance to those getting married. That is why people will start making plans a few months or even years in advance. A look at the infographic helps you to understand important steps which have to be followed if you want to have a successful, stress-free wedding.

Since an engagement always precedes a wedding, you can always start by having an engagement party to inform friends and family of your plans to settle down. However, you could forego the party and use other means such as phone calls and social media to spread the word. That money can be saved for the real deal. The next step would be to pick potential wedding dates so as to have a clear time frame.

As soon as you are done, the first actual task on your checklist would be drawing a budget. This can be very challenging especially when you consider the number of factors that have to be taken into consideration. In fact, everything else would have an influence on the budget and vice versa. It is the greatest determinant on how your wedding is going to be. Even though adjustments will be made along the way, it is always good to have an estimate of how much you can afford.

Next in line would be the wedding rings. These have to be ordered early so as to have enough time for customization, if necessary, and to get the right size. They are the key symbols to your pact as husband and wife.

By now your plans will be in full force and you will have to start thinking about all the finer details. The specific date would have been set. Therefore, a list of all the people you want to invite has to be created, their addresses gathered and invitation cards sent to them. While at it, pick a great location that can accommodate all the guests. Visit the place just to confirm that it is what you want and make a booking.

Once you are sure about the venue, shopping should be your next concern. Think about what you will wear as you say “I do”, the gifts (to each other, the bridesmaids, groomsmen and your parents), and finally the service providers. While the gifts may not be hard to select, service providers and the attire is where the challenge comes in. First of all, the colour has to be agreed upon before anything else. As for the bride’s dress, you have to get the right measurements to avoid any inconveniences at the last minute. Think about the material and style in relation to your body shape and size.

When it comes to the service providers such as makeup artist, caterer, florist, entertainers, photographer or videographer, the wedding planner, among others, you will have to start searching early. Conduct enough a thorough on the best experts in their specific industries. Background checks are a must to help ascertain their credentials. Remember to ask for referrals from friends and family members. Afterwards, schedule a face to face meeting so as to vet them further.

People such as caterers and makeup artists will have to come for trial sessions to prove their skills. Make sure you have the best person behind the lens who will be capturing all the special moments. Ask for a portfolio so as to analyse the different styles and pick on the one you prefer.

Lastly, have a look at your to-do list and take care of the minor details. Provided everything is done accordingly, you will have nothing to worry about. It will all go according to plan and by the time you are coming back from the honeymoon, your elegant photos will be ready. Good photographers are always prompt, professional, and skilled. They pay attention to detail and try to make every photo shoot unique and outstanding. You can call 012 004 1847 and talk to some of the most experienced camera operators in the business.

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